Sunday, October 4, 2009

Possessions, Possessions - Writing Prompt No. 3

Before the flood, Margaret had been possessed of:
  • One (1) house, brick, of middling size, and assorted furnishings therein;
  • One (1) husband, a mildly prosperous merchant;
  • Sixteen (16) apple trees, planted in neat rows, raised one by one by her from cuttings from her mother;
  • Two (2) daughters, now grown and moved away;
  • Seven (7) dresses of which she was inordinately fond, and several others towards which her feelings were less enthusiastic;
  • One (1) bookcase, containing fifty-two (52) volumes, one for each week of the year;
  • Five (5) gold necklaces, three inherited, two new;
  • Five (5) coordinating bracelets;
  • And one (1) small yippy dog named Max.
Afterwards, she was possessed of:
  • The clothes she wore, including a green dress, which she liked moderately well, white silk stockings, several hairpins, and various undergarments;
  • One (1) black patent-leather shoe, the left;
  • One (1) purple silk fan;
  • One (1) wooden chair, to which she owed her life;
  • One (1) baby carraige, newly removed of dust;
  • And one (1) lemon.
I'm not sure if there's more. I feel like it might be complete.

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